Almost-Raw Vegan Oreos


Oreo cookies can be healthy! To be honest, the recipe looks more like an Oreo cookie than it tastes. The texture is different and the taste is richer, but it’s absolutely decadent and delicious in its own right. Oreo cookies are generally packed to the brim with absolutely nothing but empty carbs and questionable ingredients. They aren’t doing you any favors. This recipe takes only a handful of ingredients that boast heart and colon-healthy benefits and results in a masterpiece for the eyes and the taste buds.

Get the full recipe at I also go more into depth as to why you should avoid Oreos and instead get creative in the kitchen with a recipe that mocks the real thing but satisfies the sweet tooth all in one.






Recipe here.

Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin



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  • Ummm isn’t that Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe with no credit given?

    • GlowKitchen

      hi Catherine,
      that’s very coincidental, but thanks for noticing. this is actually a very common base to raw food cookie recipes and coconut butter is the natural “cream” used in just about every raw dessert. i see her recipe uses 3 times more cocoa powder than mine and slightly tweaked ratios. hers looks super yummy as well tho!

    • Catherine, do you really think in this world with hundreds of millions of people that only ONE person might come up with a similar recipe. Your comment has an unnecessarily accusatory tone; a tone that is rampant in the food world and seriously says more about you than the owner of this blog.

  • Love this…there is nothing about Oreos that gets me excited and I’m even less excited about the crazy trend of stuffing them into other baked goods. These look so good and I’m not even looking for vegan recipes. I saw this on Tastespotting and was just curious; with a huge bag of dates I might move beyond curious and have to make them!

    • they’re delicious, but just need to be in a cool setting or else the coconut butte will melt!


    Wow, I’m getting tired of people policing cooking blogs looking for similar recipes and crying foul.

    • Thank you for this comment. My challenge for was to create an Oreo recipe, specifically, and having worked under a raw food chef for a few years, these ingredients were the obvious and most straight-forward ones to use in order to mimic the colors/flavors in the most simple way possible. But, like every recipe out there, it’s hard to be unique these days!