Simple Turnip Gratin


I’m in love with turnips and I didn’t know that until this week! I’ve never cooked with them before, because for some reason, I assumed that they were bitter like radishes. Au contraire! It’s mellow in flavor and actually quite delicious raw. For this recipe, I cook it like I would a potato in a gratin. However, the resulting dish has far fewer carbs but packs just as much taste! Enjoy!

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Vegan Mushroom Cabbage Rolls


This is a new favorite in my kitchen – mushroom stuffed cabbage rolls. The process is relatively simple, but I sure didn’t know that until I tried. It’s a light, but a creatively comforting dish that makes it okay to go in for one, two, three, or more! Try it out yourself and introduce new flavors and textures to your kitchen, without the meat!

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