Maple-Glazed Carrots


This recipe combine the sweet caramelized scent of maple syrup with the earthiness of carrots. It’s a light vegetable dish that really lets the carrot shine through, despite the kick from cinnamon and maple syrup. It makes a great side dish or lunch. Enjoy!

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Raw Cheesecake in a Cup

May1,2012 074

This recipe is a raw version of cheesecake, no cooking needed! There is no sugar, no dairy, and no eggs. It retains its richness with the use of nuts as the base, but because the cheesecake is served in “mini” cups, you can keep your portion control in check while still getting the definitive, dense dessert that cheesecake is all about.

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2-Minute Homemade Ketchup


A condiment should never derail a diet, but many of us don’t know when to stop dipping, because serving sizes are never that clean cut. That’s why I’ve put together this simple homemade ketchup that you can whip up without laboring over the stove, risking your fries going frigid.

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