Mung Bean Pasta with Garlic Avocado Cream Sauce


When I first heard of mung beans and their health benefits, I jumped online to see how I can order some. This mung bean pasta was one of the first forms of mung beans I came across and, it’s incredibly pure with no odd add-ins and minimally processed. What better way to enjoy pasta without the gluten and excess starch. I paired this mung bean pasta with a creamy garlic avocado sauce with lemon zest. It’s delicious, light and satisfying. Enjoy!

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Six Delicious and Fun Ways to Put to Use the Beloved Avocado


Whenever I first began eating a more plant-based diet, the avocado became a huge part of my life. I rarely ate it growing up, only in the occasional guacamole and never did I eat it by itself. It simply wasn’t something my parents ever though to buy or what I gravitated to when eating out. These days, the story is quite different. I have it almost everyday, because it is honestly the most important ingredient in keeping you on track and eating right. It provides healthy fats and the much needed bulk to keep you full and satiated. Here are 6 ways to complement your healthy lifestyle with avocadoes.

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