Polenta & Sweet Potato Pizza


I created a polenta pizza topped with sautéed sweet potatoes and mixed veggies. It’s a unique twist on an Italian classic, using flavors that won’t really remind you of pizza at all, but it will feign the pizza experience. It is absolutely delicious and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure you try a slice!

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Sweet Potato and Coconut Fig Cream Towers


I featured these last year, but the are a favorite around here. It’s the season for sweet potato, so what better time than to make them! Roasted wedges of caramelized sweet potatoes are layered with a creamy fig coconut sauce. It’s filling and fit for any time of the day without weighing you down. Enjoy!

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Sweet Potato Falafel


If you take a well-known experience, like the one that is falafel, and make it healthier, more fun, and decidedly unique without losing deliciousness points, why not do it? This recipe is one of those experiences – it’s falafel with sweet potato that is baked and served with a drizzle of tahini.

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