Baked Zucchini Tater Tots Recipe

tater tots

These tater tots are not your average deep-fried shredded white potatoes. First of all, they’re baked. Second of all, they’re filled with shredded zucchini. These two features make ’em a lot easier on the gut: they’re lower in fat and richer in nutrition. And how about the taste, you ask? As finger-lickin’ good as ever! These tater tots are super quick to make and a lot more fuss free than I originally expected. Plus, they only require two main ingredients. Make a big batch and watch them fly off the plate – they’re a hit with kids!

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Zucchini Flatbread Recipe: Low-Carb, High-Protein

zucchini flatbread

I’m always on the hunt for a low-carb, guilt-free bread that acts as a worthy vessel for all kinds of delicious toppings, such as veggies, cheese, or a slab of real butter. The following recipe is a low-carb, literally zucchini-based flatbread that takes the white flour and yeast out of the occasion and sticks to the binding powers of eggs. The result is a few-ingredient flatbread that holds its own (if you’re careful), and can roll around, wrap up, or bolster all types of add-ins/ons. Because the spices are reminiscent of pizza, I best enjoy this zucchini flatbread by dipping it in homemade marinara sauce.

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Polenta & Sweet Potato Pizza


I created a polenta pizza topped with sautéed sweet potatoes and mixed veggies. It’s a unique twist on an Italian classic, using flavors that won’t really remind you of pizza at all, but it will feign the pizza experience. It is absolutely delicious and can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure you try a slice!

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