Coconut Crackin’

Opening a coconut is something most people have never done before, and to be honest, why would they?  The truth is, there are SOOOO many things you can make with a coconut.  My personal favorite are desserts and smoothies–coconut meat acts as a creamy base that you would normally look for in dairy products.

And fresh coconut water is to die for. I’m no talking about the kind you buy off store shelves–those are absolutely incomparable to the real deal. Aside from coconut water’s anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties, it is perhaps the most hydrating drink out there, serving as a great post-workout replenisher and an aid in digestion and increased circulation.  All you have to do is crack a coconut open, stick in a straw and sip away.

Here’s how to overcome that seemingly out-of-the-way task of opening a coconut.

Young coconuts are sold at health food store and run for just over $3. They come wrapped in plastic. Remove it. Easy.

Using the bottom edge of the knife, set yourself up for a big whack in a spot several inches from the pointed top.


Rotate the coconut to continue whacking (about 2 more times) in a circular track centered around the pointed center. WHACK!

Nestle the edge of the knife into the opening, and tilt the top of the knife upwards toward you to open the coconut.


Drain the juice–I already drank half before I had a chance to photograph this.

And scoop out the meat on the top and in the insides.

There are infinite ways to use the juice and meat. You can blend the 2 together for a subtly sweet smoothie or to add to your favorite Thai dish.  You can drink the juice straight to cool down on a hot day or to rehydrate after a rigorous workout.  Enjoy!!


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