Make Shift

Recently I’ve been without a connected stove-top, which renders me at the mercy of one too many cold meals or lots of take out. In situations where I don’t have much time (or the resources) to prepare food, I try to keep around lots of greens, dense snacks to keep me satisfied, and tea tea tea.

Chocolate-covered almonds


Dried fruit, usually figs or apricots


A morning tea that starts with hot water and lemon

…and usually takes on some color and sweetness as the day proceeds


Because I oftentimes pack my lunch for work, I will just bring the “base”–organic lettuce leaves–along with a piece of bread or something to help stack.

On the side, I’ll have some apertifs, like in today’s case, hummus and sun-dried tomatoes marinated in olive oil and fresh rosemary. When it’s time to eat, I just do things tapas style.


Layered on Mestemacher German bread. This one is organic pumpernickel.

Was good.



In other news, Sunday was a day of protests, centered around internet regulation. This sign says it all:


Don’t touch my porn.”


A gay pride protest was mixed in there somewhere.

Another beautiful day in Istanbul.

I promise a fabulous meal once my kitchen is assembled next week.


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