Homemade Green Tea Facial Scrub

You only need to wash your face with a cleanser once per day just before bedtime, because it detoxes while sleeping and should be dirt-free when this happens. In the morning, you only need to use a gentle exfoliant (and moisturizer after) to help remove dead skin cells and freshen up for the day – cleansing is not necessary.


In addition to your daily skin-care regimen, it helps to set aside one day per week to apply a homemade facial scrub. With sugar as the base, the exfoliant is a bit more intense than your daily ritual and will set the stage for the week to come. And while it is mild enough for the face, it can be applied all over the body! Your skin will be silky smooth and glowing afterward.

There are so many ways you can play with the ingredients to personalize the treatment to your skin, but the basic recipe is as such – sugar + lukewarm water. The sugar only exfoliates and smoothens the skin, so by replacing the water with an effective liquid or oil, you’ll get even more benefits.

For this exfoliant, I used green tea, for its glowing promise:

Green Tea: has an extremely high antioxidant content with anti-aging effects. When applied to the skin, it repairs scar tissue and prevents wrinkles, blemishes and other impurities. When used as a sunblock, green tea can actually reduce or completely erase sun damage. It also helps with warts, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea.


2 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp brewed tea (1/3 cup + 1 bag)

1 tbsp sugar


Brew 1 pure green tea bag in a cup filled 1/3 with water. Let sit until the water has cooled from steaming to lukewarm.


In a small bowl filled with 2 tbsp of sugar, pour 1 tbsp of the brewed tea. Mix with a spoon. The sugar will not dissolve since the concentrated green tea is not hot enough.


Add one more tablespoon of sugar, and mix again.


That’s it!


You could use a cotton pad to apply it to your skin if you’re proper like that, but I find it best to just rub the mixture with my hands in circular motions all over the face, avoiding the eyes and nose. Also, when exfoliating with your hands, use your finger tips and fingers, not the palms.


lemon to cleanse – juice of half a lemon

honey to moisturize – 1 tbsp

yogurt to soothe – 1 tbsp


Enjoy your baby bottom face!

xo Aylin

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