Spring Smoothie

To mark the first day of Spring, I wanted a thirst-quenching smoothie that would keep me full for a few hours before lunch. Enter the smoothie:


Grapefruit: is high in enzymes that burn fat, has a high water content, helps shed pounds, prevents arthritis, works as an antiseptic, lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cancer with its antioxidant compound naringenin, treats cold and fever, dissolves gallstones, boosts immunity, promotes better digestion, and contributes to healthy and smooth skin.

While banana is an ideal base for all fruit and veggie smoothies because it adds an element of creaminess, it can be a bit bloating and sugar-heavy. It’s always a challenge to make a smoothie without the crutch of the banana, so keeping things simple, as I do, I simply pulled together two cucumbers, one apple, and one grapefruit, blended them together, added a few drops of liquid stevia (everyone should have this on hand—such a lifesaver!) to cut the grapefruit’s bitterness, and then had me a delightful start to a sunny day.


Yeah yeah yeah…the color. I know. Slurp it away!


Enough fruit sugar to get me through the morning and feeling awake and ready to conquer the day!



Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin

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