Chocolate Quinoa Protein Cereal


Instead of oatmeal or dry cereal, try incorporating quinoa into your breakfast. Quinoa isn’t reserved for savory dishes. It’s high in protein and fiber and keeps you full throughout the morning and into the afternoon. This recipe is a foundation for your own variations. Nix the chocolate and add vanilla for a change and switch up the fruit topping depending on what you have on hand.

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Quinoa: is a protein powerhouse (one cup has 9 grams), containing all  of the essential amino acids and is thus a complete protein, is rich in fiber and digests slowly as to provide a feeling of fullness, acts an an internal cleanser and helps keep you “regular”, contributes to liver health with it vitamin B and folate content, builds bones with his good calcium content, and offer 15 percent of the U.S. recommended daily allowance of iron in just one cup, helping to deliver oxygen to the blood and boosting energy and brain power.

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