Ten Tried & True Trim Traveling Tips


As one of the occasional non-recipe posts, I find that this one will come in handy for the last weeks of Summer and beyond. Here are some suggestions that will keep you healthy, hydrated and looking bikini/fanny-pack fit while traveling.

1. MapMyRun.com

2. Don’t eat heavy BEFORE or ON the plane – digestion is slower at that elevation and messes with your regularity, so eat light to help things out. If eating on the plane, avoid the meats and stick with the starches.

3. Beach vacations usually involve huge dinners at night, especially if you’re at one of those glorious all-inclusive joints, so graze on fruit during the day, keeping icy-water intake high.

4. Swim swim swim! Hotel pool, ocean, sea, lake, what have you – do it. Swimming is often one of those workouts you’re unaware you are even doing because you feel lighter in the pool. It works so many muscles and the water pressure means you use more muscle with each movement.

5. Alcohol. Let it happen. It’s vacation! The morning after, avoid sugars, which will only feed the hangover or the bloated feeling. Try to stave off eating anything until early afternoon. Drink lots of water. Coconut water, albeit sugary, will help you fuel up on electrolytes and feel better, but water first!

6. Do anything active – water sports, bicycling, hiking, beach sports, etc.

7. Surprise! Carry around a bottle of water and drink like it’s your job. Better than the office!

8. Indulge in local cuisine and don’t let the “diet” stop you. Every culture has their healthy and not-so-healthy staple dishes, so enjoy the vegetable-based ones during the day and the heavier ones at night.

9. Reserve desserts for after dinner, not after lunch.

10. Walk everywhere, if possible.

Hope these help!

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