Turon: Banana Rolls


Turon is a Philippine snack made of bananas that are dusted with brown sugar, rolled in a spring roll wrapper, and then fried. Indeed it is fried, but I’ve taken out the brown sugar just to make it slightly healthier. Enjoy!

Banana: benefits your heart and nerves due to the high dose of potassium, increases the performance of kidneys and bones, acts as a mood enhancer or mild sedative, is one of the highest sources of naturally available vitamin B6, and can help keep you “regular”.

Turon: Fried Banana Rolls

by Aylin @ GlowKitchen

Cook Time: 1 minute

Keywords: dessert snack bananas spring rolloil fruit philippine


  • Spring roll wrappers
  • Bananas (not too ripe)
  • Bit of water
  • Cooking oil


Slice banana in half along its length and along its width. Put each piece face-side down on a spring roll wrapper that has been cut into an approximately 5×5-inch square. Fold the top of the wrapper over the banana piece, fold the sides of the wrapper inward, and then fold the bottom of the wrapper up and over the banana to seal in it. Dab the edges with water to hold the wrapper in place.


Heat oil up in a saucepan so it’s about 1/2-inch deep. Fry for 30-45 seconds on both sides until golden brown.


Enjoy alone, sprinkled with powdered sugar, dipped in coffee, or made with the addition of some sort of cheese, chocolate, or other sweet flavors.



Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin

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