Broccoli Cream Kale Rolls


Here is a great recipe for when you are on the run and want to pack the most nutrition in as possible without slaving away at some complicated dish. Just blend and spread is what I say. This broccoli cream sauce is just what I love to have around to toss in salads or eat by the spoonful. It’s simple, clean and full of flavor. Enjoy!

Broccoli: is packed with potassium, magnesium and calcium, which help regulate blood pressure, contains the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C, fights cancer, contributes to bone health with its vitamin K and calcium content, protects against sun damage, boosts the immune system with its beta-carotene, zinc and selenium, is high in fiber, promotes weight loss, improves vision, and prevents heart disease.

Find the full recipe @Greatist.




Bon Appetit!



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