Shrimp Tomato Soup With Mint


I love this soup because its flavors are so strong and textures so smooth and creamy, so a small serving goes a long way. But above all, it is incredibly simple and real, using only a handful of ingredients that pack not only the taste but also the protein and healthy fats – all in a soup. Enjoy this shrimp tomato soup with fresh mint for the ultimate comfort meal.

Here is why shrimp glows:

Shrimp: provides the body with 48% of the daily value of cancer-fighting selenium, keeps the skin, hair, and nails healthy, prevents anemia due to its vitamin B12 content, boosts energy with iron, builds strong bones with phosphorus, aids in processing fats due to its niacin content, fights depression with omega-3 fatty acids, promotes prostate health with zinc, contributes to a healthy thyroid due to copper content, and stabilizes blood sugar levels with magnesium.

Grab the full recipe @Organic Authority.





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