Celery Root & Tomato Hashbrowns with Scrambled Eggs


This breakfast was a huge hit in my house this past weekend. No one even realized that there were no potatoes involved. The hashbrowns are celery-root based and flavored with black pepper, salt, and paprika – the iconic flavors of a hearty weekend breakfast. Cooked with fresh tomatoes, topped with simple scrambled eggs, and garnished with fresh basil, this dish is a must-have this weekend. Enjoy!

Find the full recipe @Greatist.

Because I use celery root, the combination of the eggs and the “hashbrown” base isn’t a protein-starch digestion disaster. Instead, all digests seamlessly and leaves you feeling full, but wholesome. In a few hours, you’ll still be energized and perky and not weighed down by the hearty morning meal all day. Enjoy!


Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin

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