Best of The Best Of Eggplant Recipes: Baked French Fries


Yes, these are fries. No, they are not fried. But with the first bite, you’ll forget they’re a healthier version of a fast-food classic. Given my Middle Eastern roots, it’s no wonder I’m an eggplant fiend. These fries take the cake, for now at least, as one of my favorite eggplant recipes. Get dipping!

You are cutting corners by using eggplant instead of potatoes, as well as by baking in place of frying. The whole-wheat bread crumbs and flour also takeover their white-flour alternatives. Enjoy!

But first learn why veggie glows:

Eggplant: lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol with its chlorogenic compound, is anti-carcinogenic due to its antioxidant nasunin content, is a great source of dietary fiber, protects against colon cancer, and is a great source of vitamin A, B vitamins, folate and vitamin C.

Baked Eggplant Fries

Serves 2


  • 1 large eggplant
  • 3/4 cup whole-wheat bread crumbs
  • 3/4 cup whole-wheat flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon + 3/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon sweet paprika
  • 2 tablespoon water
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Peel the eggplant and cut in half lengthwise. Cut each half into 1/4-inch thick slices.  Toss the slices with salt to coat evenly.


In a small dish, season the whole-wheat flour with 1 teaspoon salt, the pepper and the paprika. Mix. Next, beat the eggs and water in a shallow bowl. Set up the bread crumbs in a separate dish. Set the the three dishes side-by-side like an assembly line.


Lightly place the eggplant slices  in the flour to coat, shaking off any excess. Dip the coated strips into the egg wash and then into the fine bread crumbs. Shake off all excess bread crumbs, making sure all sides are evenly coated. Place the eggplant strips on baking grill over a parchment paper lined pan.

Cook in the oven until they turn golden, turning them as they cook to brown evenly, about 10 to 15 minutes.


Serve with a side of homemade ketchup, mayonnaise, or sour cream.




Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin



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