Veggie And Avocado Red Quinoa Salad


I am perfectly content with quinoa plainly cooked and enjoyed with a touch of olive oil or butter and salt. However, to get more from quinoa – nutrition, texture and taste alike – I like to mix it into salads. This veggie and red quinoa recipe takes a few veggies lying around and tosses them with cooked red quinoa. The avocado offers a backdrop of creaminess that is sure to fill you up! Enjoy!

Red Quinoa Salad with Veggies and Avocado

Serves 4


1 cup red quinoa
2 1/2 cups water
2 scallions
1 small red onion
1 large red bell pepper
1-inch nob of ginger, peeled
1 large cucumber
1 avocado
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 cup of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Directions: Bring the quinoa and water to a boil and then reduce heat to a simmer for about 10 minutes, or until the quinoa is cooked and the water is gone. While the quinoa cooks, dice the scallions, red onion, red bell pepper, ginger, avocado, and cucumber into small, uniformly-sized pieces.


In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, lemon, and salt and pepper. Set aside. When the quinoa is finished, transfer to a large bowl. Fold the veggies, avocado, and vinaigrette into the quinoa while its still warm. The warmth will help release flavors from the veggies and create an amazing aroma.



Serve and enjoy!


Bon Appetit!

xo Aylin



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