Simple Turnip Gratin


I’m in love with turnips and I didn’t know that until this week! I’ve never cooked with them before, because for some reason, I assumed that they were bitter like radishes. Au contraire! It’s mellow in flavor and actually quite delicious raw. For this recipe, I cook it like I would a potato in a gratin. However, the resulting dish has far fewer carbs but packs just as much taste! Enjoy!

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Easy Red Pepper Egg Casserole


Having fun in the kitchen is not so much about coming up with new flavors or dishes but rather repackaging favorites – style-wise. The ingredients in this egg casserole could very well be found in an omelet or scrambled eggs, but something about it cooked in a casserole dish and served in a clean cut square makes it more enjoyable and different. The taste is intact but the look is improved for this Mediterranean easy egg casserole.

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