Homemade Kimchi


I’ve been dying to make kimchi for awhile. I absolutely adore it, but the process always seemed so intimidating. In the end, it wasn’t at all. It takes a bit of patience, but not the kind that requires attention. Instead, you spend a few minutes preparing the cabbage, then you let it go for a few days only to have it ready to eat without you having moved a muscle beyond initial preparation. The result is packed with healthy probiotics and is absolutely spicy and delicious. Please try this!

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Quick bites

I was in a hurry this evening, so in the event of an emergency hungry tummy, I did the stop, drop and roll.

I stopped to look at what I had on hand: olive tapenade, some sun-dried tomatoes soaked in olive oil, fresh tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers and greens. And I simply took the washed leaves, dropped on the goods, rolled ‘em up, and nom nom nom’ed my way to satiation. Then flew out the door.

You know you’re in Turkey when…


…that happens. How red and juicy and sweet and amazing is that!? I am not one to bite into a tomato as if it were an apple, but this guy was unreal.







In other news, here is a salad using none other than the cultured red cabbage I made last week.


Complete with tomatoes, avocado, spinach, lime salt, olive oil and lemon juice.


Another week of noshing wrapped up.

Have a wonderful weekend Smile !

Mine involves a music festival, some researching/writing for work Sad smile, a massage Smile, and some overdue beach attire shopping Smile Smile.

xo Aylin