Baked Crab Cakes


Some of my most memorable dishes involved crab. I often like to bake crab with butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. The result is anything but a simpleton in the realm of good eats – it’s fingerlickin’ delicious! Crab cakes are also a common occurrence in my household, and this recipe beats out any other I’ve ever had at any restaurant throughout my entire life. And, for good reason. There is no overwhelming mayonnaise or bread crumb taste that takes over the crab; instead, you taste the crab and all the other add-ins simply pique its unique flavor. So try this simple and light baked crab cake and you’ll never go back.

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Healthy Onion Rings


The picture is all I need to know. I lurrrveeeee onion rings, so much in fact that I don’t even care if they’re healthy or not. When I crave them, I’m okay with splurging. Given my affinity, I figure it’s best if I learn to make them in a healthy way. This recipe diverges all my walks down greasy lane and gives me everything I ask for, and more – they’re healthy! Enjoy!

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